New Dan McCarthy Print: Symbiosis

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days, it was a long weekend.  The Dan McCarthy print for August just dropped, and this thing is crazy.  The size is 25″ x 19″ and only $30.  Buy it soon, Dan’s stuff sells very well.  Visit to purchase.

8 Responses to “New Dan McCarthy Print: Symbiosis”

  1. boughten! i’m going to totally pwn this

  2. I wish he would use a standard print size. I’m going to have to shell out some extra dough to get one of his prints properly framed.

  3. diggin it fo sho (pun clearly intended)

  4. Autodactyl,
    if you cut your own matte, you can buy a standard 22×28 frame. That will give you 3″ all the way around. Just a thought.

  5. got one!

  6. anyone have his print “The Day Everything Became Nothing” ? I need to get one! email me!

  7. wack

  8. cats are the top of the food chain?

    i’m really bad at interpreting stuff that doesn’t come with instructions!

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