Jamungo Blow Up Dolls Series Two

Jamungo’s second series of Blow Up Dolls (BUDs) have begun shipping to your favorite retailers.  This series is looking awesome, just check out the lineup:  Kozik, Horkey, Dalek, Meomi, Destroy Rock City, Gunsho, Little Friends, John Pound (Garbage Pail Kids artist), MCA, Jermaine Rogers, Bobby Dixon, VanBeater, Muttpop(Gobi), & Ferg. I love how Jamungo is allowing alot of the poster scene to get down on toys.  These will be sold as blind boxes for $10 and cases of 25 for $250.  Our sister site Postersandtoys.com has a special case preorder going on right now for $225.  Visit Postersandtoys.com to purchase.

11 Responses to “Jamungo Blow Up Dolls Series Two”

  1. I can has a Horkey bud now?

  2. These aren’t posters.

  3. sick sick sick!!!

  4. Silly rabbit, toys are for kids!

  5. I don’t see any cameltoe? Where’s their pene?

  6. One Ferg + one Horkey, please.

  7. If you buy a case are you guaranteed to get at least one of each in the series?

  8. Not usually. In the last series, the F Bomb was super rare, like 1 in 4 cases, so one of these probably has the same thing going on.

  9. just pulled the trigger on this. now i get excite

  10. Destroy Rock City is great. I’ve been a fan forever

  11. i thought art art spiegelman created garbage pail kids?

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