Flatstock Seattle Print Set by Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger will be debuting this print set at Flatstock in Seattle next month which includes his poster for the event, as well as an art print based on Seattle’s popular Public Market sign.  If it is anything like the Chicago set, it will likely be inexpensive and sell extremely well.  If these are up after the show, you will be updated.  For now, enjoy the pics.

10 Responses to “Flatstock Seattle Print Set by Daniel Danger”

  1. love em…me want

  2. loves these, i hope theres some left for sale on dans site and i’m there at the the right time so i dont have re mortgage my house to buy one on ebay. i love ebay really, but it plays havoc with my relationship with my bank account and family , so maybe if i could sell my house for paypal funds i could spend it all on ebay and live in one made out of expensive prints on my own. so please dan think of me , hold a few back , think of the man in a paper house, in the british climate, all alone, with nothing but tubes and craft paper for a bed maybe a little bit of bubble wrap for a pillow.

  3. yer weird, carl.
    I like these DD.

  4. Do you think Daniel’s look is TOO emo?

  5. The print of the city is the best print i’ve seen in months. If I don’t get one I’m going to be the asshole on ebay driving up the price of this, or maybe I can trade someone one month’s worth of crappy obey prints for this one.

  6. oh im way emo. way.

  7. Daniel, maybe you can try a faux hawk?

  8. Daniel was wearing a evanescence shirt at flatstock.

  9. ^ pffttt.

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