New Max Grundy Prints

Max Grundy has updated his site with a number of new prints, and as always they are a bargain.  His prints are all archival and printed on 13″ x 19″ canvas.  At only $40 each, it is definitely worth your time to grab one.  There are a ton of new ones, so be sure to check out to see the whole selection.

10 Responses to “New Max Grundy Prints”

  1. digital prints? meh.

  2. I believe they are probably printed using a giclee printer. He keeps them inexpensive though, can’t fault him for that.

  3. has anyone bought/seen these prints, just wondering what they look like in the flesh. $40 sounds very cheap

  4. He would be better off listing only 1 or 2 prints at a time. No one is interested in an artist who, 1) can’t sell his work at a decent clip, or 2) floods the market with his work.

  5. ^ummmm… Shepard Fairey anyone?

  6. Contrary to common belief, Shepard Fairey did not actually invent vectorized artwork.

  7. at least hes creating these images vs tracing photos…

  8. Definitely inspired from the Wall.

  9. I have seen these $40 prints and own a full set of his early work, they are definitely quality! They are giclee prints on coated canvas! As far as he copying Shepard, you forgot that there were Russian Propaganda posters out 50 years before Shepard was born. Dont get me wrong, I love both of Shepard’s work and Max’s work, I think that they are following a style! Pick some of these up at his low price, at the rate he is getting shows and selling work, they wont stay this cheap!

  10. I just got some of these in, they are top notch for sure.

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