New Jeff Soto Prints Available

Jeff Soto (an absolute favorite of mine) has just posted two brand new art prints, and both are wicked.  Do not miss your chance to get these, as Jeff’s star has been rising fast lately.  In addition, he also has a number of other goodies available, so be sure to check out

Thunder Clouds Over a Flower

23″ x 23″ Giclee, Edition of 50, $350:

Storm Cloud

16″ x 16″, 3 Color Screenprint, Edition of 115, $100:

5 Responses to “New Jeff Soto Prints Available”

  1. cool

  2. Original and creative imagery? What a concept. Soto pretty much pwns.

  3. The background and some aspects of it remind me of MARS-1 and C.R. Garcia, but pretty original and creative in general.

    I like Soto’s work and I bought his “Potato Stamp Dreams” book from Murphy Design. Do yourself a favor and buy one too!

  4. Colors, design, layout and creativity are all top notch, I just don’t have it in my to spend that kinda loot on inkjet prints, I still prefer silk screens.

  5. The second one is a silkscreen and the first one is a giclee, not exactly an inkjet print.

    MARS-1 has been doing some sick stuff lately. Website is definitely worth checking out.

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