The Early Thaw by Mike Klay

Remember that Mike Klay print that we talked about a few weeks back?  Its up for sale now, and Mike has also posted an entire process thread which includes his photography that inspired the print.  The size is 19″ x 25″, the edition is 100, the price is $40 shipped, and the Classifieds section is the spot.

3 Responses to “The Early Thaw by Mike Klay”

  1. It’s cool seeing the process, thanks Mike! It’s also good to see Slayer as part of the process.=) Nice print too!

  2. Sweet ass print, even if it is extremely Mccarthyesque. Myself, I couldn’t resist picking one up. Seeing the printing process was cool too, a job well done Mike!

  3. I didn’t see him referencing Dan McCarthy prints at any point in that process thread. So I guess you guys were all wrong about that.

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