This Week’s Obey Print: This Is Your Church

Another interesting print from Obey will drop this week, not totally sure what I think of it yet.  On one hand, I’m glad that he seems to be adding some variety lately, but on the other hand this image is pretty simple and looks like it could’ve gotten pumped out pretty fast.   Please discuss.  Either way, this will release this Tuesday, July 21 at noon PST. is the spot.

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  1. If you guys knew how BAD of a skateboarder Shep is, then NO WAY would you purchase any of his prints. He’s that bad at skateboarding.

  2. i see it like this , he does some great stuff, he does some good stuff, and he does some average/crap stuff . i think its this one print every week as a previous commentator said that makes him put out the average stuff. whether its for money or what i dont know (i’m sure he aint short of cash) i think its amazing that under the pressure ,he puts out the great stuff. my opinion is he should maybe put out two prints a month and make them all great as its obvious he has the talent to do it. but what do i know, i dont know if he does all the artwork stage of the prints himself, for all i know he could have a team of designers putting up ideas. does anyone know how obey really works, how many people they employ etc, be good to see a copy of thier accounts just so i can feel sick and jealous of how much money they get every week, while i make a pitence , or maybe it would be the opposite and make me feel i was purchasing somethig that was value for money. we need someone who realy knows from the inside—is it just a cynical money making factory that preys on the collector mania in people, is it a project that aims to make people realise thier wayward consumerism by eventually seeing the error of thier ways of queing to purchase images printed on paper every week or is it group with a love of art , with a messge , a purpose, who just happen to be successfull and making money.

  3. I think its awesome that Mitch blogs about 20 other artists a week and maybe 3 people comment on every other one… and every week Obey has 20+ comments.

  4. The biggest pile of shit always attracts the most flies.

  5. ^ nice

  6. And the biggest playa always attracts the most hatas.

  7. ^ even nicer!

  8. I’m not trying to hate on Shepard Fairey, I was just being clever. And I would rather stab myself in the balls with a fork than argue on the internet.

  9. One thing to note about Shepard’s 25 employees is that those 25 employees take care of all tasks Obey Giant, Obey Giant Clothing and Studio Number One(Shepard Fairey’s Design Firm) related. Not just the art side. He has several different revenue streams. That being said, he’s not just an artist/designer he’s also a savvy business man. Which is rare in this field.

  10. Why did Kinsey leave him?

  11. He refused to give up the balloon knot.

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