Mark Ryden’s Micro Portfolio 3

Mark Ryden is releasing a brand new Micro Portfolio with 14 mini lithographs in a Japanese silk covered box.  There are two versions:  a speical signed edition of 100 that will cost $500, and a regular edition of 10,000 for $50.  The special edition will go up for sale today (Tuesday, July 24) sometime between 9am and 5pm PST.  The regular edition will go up sometime during the day of July 31.  Visit to purchase.

9 Responses to “Mark Ryden’s Micro Portfolio 3”

  1. Depressing… had one in my basket and the site kept crashing on me. When it was back up and I refreshed my cart, the item was no longer available. 🙁

  2. Kinkos must have gotten a lot of action printing these.

  3. You guyz didn’t buy them when they were offered as a preorder? If not, then why not?

  4. These were the signed ones. The regular edition that was preordered will come out next week. With 10,000, there will be no real problem getting one.

  5. thanks mazn. my bad

  6. also…i thought the same thing about the arcade fire wezz set. i thought with 1,000 sets, i’d just wait until next week to buy one. they sold out before i got the chance to! i messaged letta over the weekend on myspace to hold me one. she hasn’t responded yet, but hopefully i still have one held.

  7. Letta doesn’t work there anymore.

  8. fudge

  9. Really O that sucks.

    anyway it really dosent matter.

    because they are quite uGly anyway.

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