This Week’s Obey Print: No, I’m Vegetarian

Um, not really sure what is going on with this one at all, but this is the print Obey will be releasing this week. Completely bizarre. If you have any idea what this thing is all about, please share. If you want to buy this and freak people out (I would), visit tomorrow (Tuesday, July 24) at noon PST.

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  1. Dee-lish-us!

    I could really only take a stab at what’s going on here and it’s probably kind of obvious, but he’s saying he’s a vegetarian when he’s just bitten the head off of a dove. One might draw from the symbolism of a white dove representing peace and take it to be the face of a duplicitous leader denying involvement in a war? This picture could only be better if it had W’s face on the officer.

  2. Yeah…I see it as a attack on hypocrisy.

  3. The guy looks like a straight toucher. Also notice that the hands are almost totally hidden, Shepard is still having problems with them.

  4. Actually, that’s what I thought at first too, but the hands look the same in the original photo:

  5. Some people have yet to figure out what’s trying to be done with these images. Details are not there. The images involve two colors and the black cannot be gray.

  6. SOLD OUT!

  7. I see it as a non creative tracing job. Hey how come in literature this type of s*hit would be considered plagiarism? I mean if you’re gonna trace an image shouldnt the credits be given to the original image? wtf

  8. Yah, you may wanna stick with literature there buddy.

  9. can’t wait to see it. Like most everyone else the prints look a million times better in person.

  10. Just thought I’d add here that the ink that appears to be yellow above is actually gold. The print looks really awesome!

  11. Who’s the man depicted? Am dying to know… anyone?

  12. Its the first man in space Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

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