Mike Klay’s New Art Print

This is the art print Mike Klay aka Powerslide Design is about to release. Does it look too much like a Dan McCarthy print?  You be the judge. Please discuss.

Mike Klay:

Dan McCarthy:

20 Responses to “Mike Klay’s New Art Print”

  1. I said after his last print that he ripped off Dan. This is just a continuation of that. This wouldn’t be as bad of he didn’t do the extra circles from the sun.

  2. Do you have to ask?

  3. close, but still his design…

  4. Yeah, its a nice print by any means.

  5. The similarities are plain to see, but I agree that it’s still his print

  6. yes, similiar….maybe that’s why i like it, nice indeed.

  7. everyone is everyone else that is influenced by anyone else who influences and everyone is influenced.

  8. i’ve seen others do almost that exact same thing..it’s similar, wouldnt call it a copy, but it’s really gorgeous regardless..

  9. Totally ripped off Dan!

  10. Similar but I prefer Dan’s.

  11. way to stir up the pot mitch.
    any press is good press.

    and to the haters,
    so it’s got a similar representation of the sun as
    some dan’s prints. does dan own that representation?

    works better this way than with rays coming directly
    out of the sun (believe me, i tried that first)

    the photo of the trees is original.

  12. very similar. at least he picked a cool artist to influence his work. Hopefully we will see Klay meld this McCarthy influence into his own style in the future.

  13. Mike, I just wanted to open it up for discussion. If anything, I would think it would be beneficial to know what people think of your recent work.

    To me the sun looks quite a bit like Dan’s work. He may not own it, but to most people this thing screams McCarthy right when they see it. I figured you’d like to hear peoples’ opinions.

  14. mitch,

    i was thanking you if anything 😉

    the art world would be boring if people couldn’t discuss and debate.

  15. I’m not gonna say it’s a ripoff, but if I didn’t know who designed it and were to look at it for the first time, I would think that it is Dan McCarthy all the way.

  16. Similar idea. Shit happens. Personally, I prefer Dan’s.

  17. Yeah, it would have been derivative but still a tip of the hat had Klay made the concentric circle light rays emanating from, say, a light bulb or a cat’s eyes. The ham-handed way he rehashed McCarthy is just sad. At least try to move the art forward a little.

    Next time, try to steal from a few different artists at once. You know, mix ’em up and that’ll be almost like something new.

  18. if i didn’t know better, i might have said this was McCarthy, but it happens. The world is full of bands that sound alike, fashion designers that have similar themes…
    I like the print. Have we locked in a print run this time Mike?

    some minor changes to it will be making a big impact.

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