10 Questions With Ferg

For the new 10 questions, I picked Clay Ferguson, aka Ferg from Jamungo. He has been killing it with some of the sickest art prints and toys in the scene, and is only gaining momentum. Keep an eye on this dude, he’s on fire.


Location: Austin TX

Years Doing Posters/Prints:
5-6? Not that long.

Favorite Poster/Print You’ve Done: Repeat Pandemic One.

Favorite Poster/Print that Someone Else Did: It constantly changes but right now its SHARK!!! By
Denny Schmickle

Music Currently In Rotation:
Suzukiton, Cephalic Carnage, Sleep, Melvins, Durtleg..mostly metal of all sorts right now.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought

Favorite Website: Skullbrain.org and Gigposters.com

Upcoming Stuff: Some random artprints, some apparel, Chrome Squbes..lots of toys.

Words of Wisdom: Try to avoid dying.

To see more of Ferg’s work, visit Fergbag.com and Jamungo.com. To inquire about purchasing prints, email him.

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  1. Ferg PwnzorZ. Chrome skube? zomg

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