Some Flatstock 13 Posters

I know that a decent number of readers are heading to Chicago for Flatstock, so I thought I’d share a few of the posters that have surfaced so far.  Check them out, and be sure to stop by some booths and spend some money.

 Nate Duval:


Jay Ryan:

25 Responses to “Some Flatstock 13 Posters”

  1. Those are all great, especially Jay Ryan’s – F’n hilarious!!

  2. that lol cat is killing me, i want one!

  3. Yeah gotta pick up Jays- its great.

  4. Jay’s is absolutely amazing. Too bad, it’s half across the country and I don’t know someone in the area to pick one up for me.

    Think Jay will offer it on his site?

  5. Every other Flatstock poster he has done has been, so probably.

  6. FUCK flagstock
    Its an awesome event that is sold the fuck out.
    First of all how many people that go for the poster show are interested in the music? You have to buy tickets to the music show to get into the poster show.
    I could care less about all the piece of shit band hip hop crap they are attempting to promote.
    Hello Posters!!!!

    sad…. :(

  7. It is only because of the cooperation of these music festivals that the API is able to hold events like this. I can’t believe that you would question how many people buying CONCERT POSTERS are interested in music. WTF? And as far as “promoting hip hop crap”, there are about 50 bands, two of them are hip hop. Do some research before you start posting stupid comments.

  8. ZING!

  9. that was prolly the dumbest thing ive ever read. please dont come to flatstock.

  10. Ya that EGustafson sounds like a total flipper. Burn him at the stake!

  11. “Do some research before you start posting stupid comments.”

    Did the research jack ass
    I fucking live in Chicago.

    Is it a poster art event or is it a concert?

    “I can’t believe that you would question how many people buying CONCERT POSTERS are interested in music.”

    I like many of YOUR readers are intrested in posters yeah? Seems strange I woul dhve to buy a tix to a concert that I am not even intrested in just to view these posters. Sounds like a jack.

    O hey Stoney, go smoke another.
    any time any place slick

  12. Its a part of a music festival. Pitchfork invited us and were happy to come and show. please dont come if you have an issue with this.

  13. Oooh another internet tough guy.

  14. hello everyone, you dont know how lucky you are (i’m sure most of you do) to have such a great poster making tradition. plus you have flatstock a celebration of the art, a chance to view new posters, meet the artists, buy them, maybe see some being made, lucky lucky, and if a convention like this has to, or wants to tag onto a music festival thats great. most of these artists are not only into making posters they choose to do it for bands , i think the connection is obvious. its not just for the poster lovers it sounds like a geat chance for artists, bands, promoters, and poster lovers to get together. i’m sure lots of business will come of it , leading to the continution of the great poster scene you have. i wish i could go to see it all , its all part of a scene art promoting art etc bla bla
    carl from the united kingdom

  15. how is “living in chicago” ‘doing the research’, anyways. i live in MA, doesnt mean i know shit about how the red sox organization runs. do you know how API runs, or even who runs it? how pitchfork fest runs? the process involved with putting on a show of that size, music or poster? etc etc? if the artists had to cover the cost of putting on a poster show in a chicago park without tagging along to a festival (who are MORE than accommodating and thankful for us to be there), the artists would have to pay like $600 or more booth fees, plus getting permits for public land and insurance and all that jazz. it takes a LARGE venue to get like 50-100+ poster artists in the same room. NOBODY WOULD DO IT, nobody could afford it, it wouldnt happen. there wouldnt even be a poster show for you to complain about. i mean seriously, did you put ONE second of thought into your statement? i worked for 10 years for a company that put on art shows of a very similar booth nature outside of festivals and the such, dealing with tent rentals, permits, booth fees, all that jazz. IVE done the research, and according to my reports, youre retarded.

  16. Blow Me Danger

    Knowing who the line up is for a concert is easy. And based on the fact I have to buy tickets to a shitty concert just to get inside the poster event is shitty.


    so fuck you and fuck your concert obviously you are a huge supporter and yeah its worked for you, keep with it.

    If the poster show was powerful enough it could stand on its own, and if it couldn’t? well… just get back to selling them online.

    And if im not mistaken this is a public blog and we are still in America so i can say and do any fucking thing i want to.
    IF I dont agree with the way things are I can state that.

    Hey Stoney You in Chi? we can always get together.

  17. Tag team:
    Mitch and Daniel vs some tosser…
    My money is on the tosser losing this one.

  18. Chicago sucks. I would never live there.

  19. EG you’re an idiot and Stoney, Chicago is a wicked city. I was at Flatstock today and it was kick ass! The posters were amazing and the artists were super friendly. Personally I went for the posters and not the concert, but the music was good and the entire festival scene was totally cool. I was more than happy to pay $25 to spend a beautiful day in the park checking out art while listening to live music. Granted I left early, but I didn’t hear a single Hip-Hop group all day.

  20. Whats up with posters and hip-hop? Do they not mix? They go well in my flat.

  21. I went to flatstock.

    I had a great time.

    I bought some Jay Ryan prints.

    I laughed really hard at Yoko Ono.

    I have no regrets.

  22. Were there Rob Jones Raconteurs and White Stripes posters at Flatstock this year? How much were they? I hope he did not sell a lot so that we can get them when they go on sale on his site soon.

    And, let’s chillax with the drama. Save it for your child’s mother. We are all here to discuss God Posters.

  23. No Rob Jones. I don’t expect there to be many White Stripes Euro sets available online though, as he is offering them to past White Stripes set purchasers.

  24. While I would have like to have seen Pitchfork, I do agree that the festival and the poster show should be separate.

  25. I believe funnel cakes should be available separately from the festival. Like, a funnel cake tent on every corner. Come to think of it, a funnel cake vendor should just follow me around in public in the off chance that I may require a tasty, Dutch, powdered sugar-coated spider web of delicious, deep-fried dough.

    And for the record, De La Soul ruled the face off every other band at Pitchfork, with the exception of Sonic Youth, who still drop down to second place due to the overwhelming stench of Tiger Balm and Geritol in the crowd. The “Yoko Ono Award” goes to Iron & Wine for giving the entire population of Union Park an hour to take a nap. Honorable mention to Mastodon because they just flat out rock, but not as much as my new funnel cake servant Pepe who saves me $25 in festival fees annually.

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