Audrey Kawasaki Lineage Preview

Since pretty much everything has sold, and since they are following a wait list anyway, I figured it’d be fine to post the preview for Audrey Kawasaki’s upcoming show at Lineage Gallery.  There are some beautiful pieces in the show, and she is absolutely on fire.  Check it out, visit to look.

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  1. There’s a great print called Memai still available from the gallery. Here’s the info:

    Hand signed giclee print on paper
    edition of 150
    13 x 19 in.

    and the link is:

  2. I guess you have to actually follow the link if you wanna see the good stuff.

  3. These look fantastic. Her work just keeps getting better and better.

  4. Her work is awesome!
    But who wants a Giclee print for 125$?
    whey not just download this image and print it yourself?
    no one would know the dif.

    Seem like a waste of cash.

  5. You obviously don’t own any nice giclees. They are the best way to reproduce paintings in print form, period.

  6. Print SOLD OUT………………….

  7. i would only pay $125 for a giclee if it was a painting of, let’s say, two underage lookin asian gals going down on some dude POV style. usually you have to pay double for that kind of action.

  8. hahaha…download it and print it yourself, no one would know the difference!
    You also obviously don’t know anything about web graphics. Or maybe you intended on a nice quality 1.5 inch print?

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