Jermaine Rogers Deftones Set and Individual Posters Onsale Info

Ok, here comes alot of information.  This Thursday, Jermaine will release a 7 poster set from this year’s Deftones series.  The set will be special in that each poster will be printed on red (scarlet) paper, with the exception of the Portland poster, which will be on holographic stock.  The set is an edition of 30 and will cost $350.  These versions will ONLY be available as a set, not individually.  This goes on sale Thursday, July 12 at 2pm Mountain Time.

In addition to the sets, individual prints will be released on Friday.  These are the regular artist edition posters, and they are each limited to 100.  The Denver poster won’t be ready yet, but the rest will, as well as one of Jermaine QOTSA posters (Vienna, edition of 250).  These will go up Friday, July 13 at 2pm Mountain Time.

This all goes down at

Did that make sense?




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  1. that red one with the girls head reminds me a bit of this

  2. Good call.

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