Exclusive: New Aaron Horkey Neurosis Poster Colorway

You heard it here first!! 

I am happy to debut the new 3rd color of Aaron Horkey’s Neurosis poster. Though it’s not totally set in stone, I assume some of these will go to Neurot Records and some will go to Burlesque. I’ll keep an eye out for you. Until then, enjoy.

6 Responses to “Exclusive: New Aaron Horkey Neurosis Poster Colorway”

  1. i want.

  2. barf

  3. f*ck Neurot Records, they never sent me my blue… and never contacted me back.

  4. Rhino, I believe part of this 3rd version will be used to fulfill the orders that didn’t get filled last time. If you haven’t already got a refund, contact them and make sure you get one of these. I’m pretty sure thats the whole reason they were made.

  5. really? that was such a long time ago and i got a refund thru my CC company. oh well… i guess i’m over it now. thanks for the info

  6. That looks killer. This might be my favorite Horkey image I own. The flames are just insane.

    Can’t wait to see this new version in person.

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