Todd Slater’s Goldfinger Poster

Todd Slater’s contribution to the Rolling Roadshow series, an impressive Goldfinger poster, just went up for sale at MondoTees. The site will continue to sell prints till July 15, at which time the remaining inventory will be taken on the road for sales at the shows. Play it safe, grab this 20″ x 34″ screenprint now, it’s only $20. Visit to purchase.

EDIT: Um, wow, now Tyler Stout’s Lost Boys poster is also up for sale for $25. You should really buy it.

2 Responses to “Todd Slater’s Goldfinger Poster”

  1. The Lost Boys poster is really nice, but that Slater is absolutely gorgeous. This is always an amazing series

  2. Got both of these already. Stout’s work is crazy amazing. Slater’s direction kills on this. These will look great in my TV room.

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