Posters Shmosters at The Butchershop in Chicago (Friday, July 13)

As if the whole Flatstock/Pitchfork festivities weren’t enough to look foward to next weekend, check out the official press release about a mega poster show at The Butchershop (aka Crosshair’s lair):

Posters Shmosters

Presented by the ButcherShop and the American Poster Institute

A show of non-commercial art from contemporary rock-n-roll poster designers,

Leia Bell, Casey Burns, Nick Butcher, Michael Byzewski, Martin Cimek, Tom
Colley, Mat Daly, Denis, Bobby Dixon, Nate Duval, Dan Grzeca, Kathleen Judge,
Gina Kelly, Dan MacAdam, Michael Motorcycle, Nadine Nakanishi, Scott Peek,
Tracy Ratliff, Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Adam Turman, Brian & Sara Turner, Steve
Walters, and Jeremy Wilson.

On July 14th & 15th The Pitchfork music festival in Union Park is hosting
Flatstock 13, a show of rock posters designed by artists from around the
nation. In conjunction with this, the ButcherShop is hosting an exhibit of
their non-commercial work, in a variety of media.

Opening: Friday, July 13th – 6pm-10pm
Regular hours: Saturdays July 14th–Aug. 4th – Noon-6pm
or by appointment (773) 517-9520.

The address is 1319 W. Lake Street, about a 5 minute walk from Union Park.  The Buchershop is on the floor below Crosshair.  See you there.

5 Responses to “Posters Shmosters at The Butchershop in Chicago (Friday, July 13)”

  1. Sweet, I’m there!

  2. omgz can’t waittt

  3. Sounds like a great place to hang some brain. Count me in.

  4. Hey guys, does anyone have an extra ticket to Friday or Saturday of the festival? It’s sold out and I’m trying to get into Flatstock for my poster fix. I don’t care about this music festival so much as the dank prints and artists that will be there so shoot me an email if you can help! >> CMack1481 (at) GMail (dot com)

  5. EDIT: SCRATCH THAT ^^^ I got a ticket. See you posterdorks there.

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