Vahalla Studios Poster Show in Kansas City

If anyone is in the Kansas City area, be sure to check out the First Friday show tonight featuring posters by Vahalla Studios. It is at Grinders, and they will have alot of their stuff for sale. Check out their page to see their work.

Some of their work: 

5 Responses to “Vahalla Studios Poster Show in Kansas City”

  1. Being from KC I would expect more. Or maybe not

  2. These dudes have some cool stuff, check it out if you get time.

  3. For a studio that just started up, I would say there stuff is pretty damn decent. Although I’m not sure what that robot has to do with The Decemberists. Unless that robot is spouting some 16th century english prose and annoying the shit out of me, which I guess is possible.

  4. yes very decent work.

  5. This show was a bit of a let down. The work was great in person but it was showcased in Grinder’s which is a dive bar/restaurant, so you actually had to be standing in front of someone’s table staring over their heads as they shoveled down dinner to admire the posters. This work deserves a better gallery than that. Also, Cracker was playing a free concert on the back deck. Not a good thing.

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