Two New Jay Ryan Art Prints

Well, Jay Ryan (an OMG favorite) just quietly dropped two brand new amazing art prints.  If you are going to Flatstock next weekend, add these to your list of things to buy.  If not, email The Bird Machine and get the purchasing process moving.

Swimming Diplodocus. 8.5″ x 28.5″  

Murky Waters. 20″ x 23.5″

7 Responses to “Two New Jay Ryan Art Prints”

  1. wow that second one is so great. I’ll have to pick it up for sure.

  2. my only gripe about that second print is that jay’s got the horseshoe crabs eyes looking down from the shell. their eyes are on top of their head, set within the top of the shell. yes, i’m a nerd but i love jryan prints. i already know what number in the edition that i’m receiving. 🙂

  3. call me crazy but i dont think the large animal in the print having a yellow teddy bear head is historically accurate either.

  4. oh yeah, can who bakes cake under water? wtf Jay? 😉

  5. the jellyfish of course!

  6. Is that a furby in the upper right corner?

  7. Whatever it is, its awesome!!!

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