This Week’s Obey Print: Sunsets

Obey will release Sunsets tomorrow, sure to be one of their most anticipated prints in quite awhilet.  As always, the print will drop on Tuesday at noon PST, will cost $35, and will have the newly increased edition of 350.  To purchase visit at the magic moment.

17 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: Sunsets”

  1. w00t. first good piece put out in a while.

  2. Definitely one to try for.

  3. agreed

  4. Will it be signed?

  5. aren’t they usually signed and numbered for authenticity?

  6. You guys are dupid.

  7. OMFG I can’t believe I didn’t get this one all of you eBay scoundrels go eat a dick. Seriously probably Shepard’s best poster ever.

  8. WoW!

    It took a frikkin hour and a half battle but…SUCCESS!


    And yah – people who are buyin multiples to sell on eBay suck BIG TIME!

  9. I lost this battle.

  10. It’s 1 per customer dude.

  11. wow a huge pain in the ass!!!!!!!
    after wasting about two hours and getting to the paypal option at least 12 times i said F#ck This.
    Its a great print yea but is it worth your time to run in circles? I liked Obey more when it was a random release, now your battling a bunch of new-jacks that just found out about this artist.

    O well. HAppy 4th everyone!!!!!!

  12. It beats doing real work while at work.

  13. I got it and no I’m not an “eBay scoundrel”…
    Just love it! Thanks a lot OMG!!!!

  14. I agree with Stoney. It killed an hour or so at work and I managed to get one even though i got the run around going from paypal back to obey a couple times

  15. hey mitch i like your new obey message board

  16. Yah – I concede, it was a royal nuisance trying to get this print and I was half tempted to try to get it on the bay (shhh!) as I have some of my others. Much as I love OBEY and appreciate that Shpeard Fairey releases his prints at a very reasonable price, is it worth the anyeurism trying to get them from the site on the release day?

    Well, I survived this one!


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