Wotulookin-at by Eelus

Well, between Faile, Stef, and now Eelus, today seems to be a special day for street artists.  Eelus just released his new screenprint, Wotulookin-at in five seperate colors.  Each version is an edition of 150, and the price is 60 pounds.  Visit Eelus.com to purchase.

3 Responses to “Wotulookin-at by Eelus”

  1. Faile? What did Faile release?

  2. A new print came out at PicturesonWalls. It went fast, and it was 300 pounds. At that price, I wasn’t really interested in it.

  3. It’s expensive, but i suppose they’re not getting any cheaper from here. Just wish I would’ve actually known in time. At least I could’ve decided consciously for or against it, rather than missing it and then seeing it on ebay for twice its original price within a few days. Sucks.

    Really dig your blog though! Keep it up!

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