Obey Police State Champs Gold/Gold

In case you think that you need every Obey print, there is a new colorway of the World Police State Champs up at Metropark.  This is an exclusive print for them, and is $60.  These will probably go somewhat fast, so visit Metropark to purchase.

16 Responses to “Obey Police State Champs Gold/Gold”

  1. *yawn*

  2. Another batch that Shep didn’t like…

  3. Why do you say that Johnny?

  4. Because with the Peace Goddess, it was stated that there were delays because Shepard didn’t like how the red color turned out. About a month later, a slightly off-red version showed up on Metropark.

  5. what a joke this guy is

  6. Yes another boring one.
    I’m done with the dollar bill motif
    enough with the Arab girls too.

    MOVE ON …

  7. Probably one of the best posters produced so far this year. Shep never fails to deliver.

  8. his idea of moving on will be to have a sillhouette of another famous rapper / leftist / and/or punk.

  9. true dang true

  10. I guess when you get big, you have to please everyone 100% of the time.

  11. yup

  12. haterz to the left

  13. Yeah, I’m really getting tired of all this Shep bashing. I didn’t like this print that much, but happen to think this colorway is pretty nice. Nothing but hate for the guy b/c he’s actually successful.

  14. First off let me say that the comment system here is an open discussion, I do not censor comments based on whether they are positive or negative. I do find it funny that the most negative comments are usually left by anonymous readers.

    That being said, I’m the first to say that an Obey print is cool, and have multiple Shep prints hanging in my house, but (IMHO) this is far from his best work. I am a fan of his stuff, but with a print coming out every week, its impossible to like them all. These are just opinions, and everyone has one.

  15. banksy is actually VERY successful and I LOVE his work. So much for hatn’ on success. Whats with the simpleton responses to criticism?

  16. The simpleton responses seem to be coming from the critics.

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