Einstein: Drop Science Not Bombs Print

Ok, so here’s the deal: this print by Kevin McCormick is now available on that crazy Obeythepurebreed.com website. I’ll be the first to admit that the site is hiarious, and that this is pretty close to Shepard’s work, but I really like this print. 19″ x 25″, signed/numbered edition of 100. Available for $30 at Obeythepurebreed.com.

6 Responses to “Einstein: Drop Science Not Bombs Print”

  1. that’s awesome!! so blatant, yet so tasty.

  2. He needs to make a German Shepard shirt that looks like Shepard Fairey. That would be funny.

    This is a rip off of Shepards work but then again…

  3. More like brilliant rip off!

  4. Yeah, I’m usually not a fan of ripoff artists, but when its better than the stuff that its ripping off, its kinda hard to hate on it.

  5. I’m pretty sure most of Shep’s stuff is ripped off anyways…

  6. beware… small shipping tubes = damaged prints.. I hope kevin has good customer service.

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