This Week’s Obey Print: Revolutionary Woman with Brush

This Tuesday (June 5), Obey will release a new print with a hilarious title:  Revolutionary Woman with Brush.  Should be the usual story, edition of 300, $35, and available at this Tuesday at noon PST.

9 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: Revolutionary Woman with Brush”

  1. again, *yawn*

  2. Another crappy print.

  3. Crazy hands on that lady….

  4. I like it. Hands a little crazy, but overall a cool print.

  5. I agree with Shep. This print is pedestrian at best. Now check your blood sugar, and check it often.

  6. more up for sale on

  7. i had to do this for a transcription at school.
    its a good print..
    but i didnt quite understand it?

  8. It’s Maria Felix, a mexican actress, obey uses alot of these 50’s women for their posters… Like the Peace Mujer is Rebeca Iturbide, same image as if you do a black and white search on that actress

  9. Its boring because you don’t know who she is. “its a pedestrian at best” – if you don’t know her.. then how would you know? I love it. But I guess you’d have to know what you were looking at to get it. maybe they should include the names so you people can be a little more entertained

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