The Vader Project

Vinyl Pulse has posted pictures from The Vader Project, an awesome group show where a number of artists were asked to customize, well, Vader.  Here are some highlights, to see the whole show, visit Vinyl Pulse.

Unavader by Ferg

VanBeatle by VanBeater


Jeff Soto 

5 Responses to “The Vader Project”

  1. Star Wars douches are all over this one.

  2. I think the point is to perpetuate the icon of darth vader PAST Star Wars. It’s the same as turning a can of Campbell’s soup into art. I’m down with it, especially since Jeff Soto made it looks so P1MP.

  3. btw FERG’s is brilliant – check out David Horvath’s:

  4. HAHAHA. I would so buy one of these

  5. Someone should have given Darth Vader a mustache.

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