Today’s Obey Release: Yen Pattern

Today’s Obey print will actually be 6 individual pattern prints titled “Yen Pattern”.  As far as rumor goes, people believe that these will be sold for $35 each, as well as sold in sets.  No concrete information has been released, so jump in pit at ObeyGiant today at noon PST and find out!

3 Responses to “Today’s Obey Release: Yen Pattern”

  1. awesome! I imagine a serious collector would create an Obey wall

  2. I know Fairey is hotter than hell with the collectors, but I am very surprised that this one sold out of all of the colorways as quickly as it did.

  3. The images as of late are starting to get more and more boring. These are simple illustrator vectors that have the obey star in them, done in 6 color-ways, nothing super exciting here. Shepard has been going farther and farther away from the quality work he used to create and more with computer aided crispy lines. He has been using a lot of textures in the backgrounds of images, and dot-matrix to help achieve even more dimensions, but he reuses everything, a lot. I’m willing to bet that these patterns end up in the background of several of his prints in the forthcoming months.

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