New Art Print by Methane Studios

Methane Studios, one of my absolute favorite design firms, just released a brand new art print called “Nudie Roulette”.  It’s a 4 color screenprint, 19 x 26, and an edition of only 30.  These go up in price as they get closer to selling out, so grab one while they are still only $35.  Visit Methane Studios to purchase.

4 Responses to “New Art Print by Methane Studios”

  1. Just ordered one, thank you!

  2. The price is already up to $65, but it appears that the artwork was done for the band, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and a 2nd print is available w/ the band name on it, edition of $150 and only $25. See it here.

  3. Showed up on Friday, Great quality print!

  4. Great print I got the original without the band name. The picture was sort of misleading. The print isnt near as “clean” as the picture leads you to believe.
    Nice print though.

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