Today’s Kidrobot Releases

Today (Thursday, May 17) Kidrobot will release two fresh items that are sure to go quickly.  First up is the 8″ Dunny by Frech graf artist DER.  This is limited to 1500 pieces, and will sell for $49.95.  Secondly, Sket One’s Kidrobot 13 “Blackbeard the Pirate” is scheduled to drop.  Only 1000 of these exist, and it will only run you $39.95.  To purchase either piece, visit today at 11am EST.  Move fast.

One Response to “Today’s Kidrobot Releases”

  1. That kidrobot detail page for the DER 8″ Dunny says it drops May 24th! You got my wallet and credit card on the table this morning and now I have to wait a week!

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