This Week’s Obey Print: Mujer Fatal

Another Tuesday, another Obey release.  I actually like this week’s print, titled “Mujer Fatal”.  In case you are new to this, Obey prints cost $35, and they are available on Tuesdays at noon PST at ObeyGiant.  Be there or be square.

9 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: Mujer Fatal”

  1. SICK print. Love this one

  2. This IS HOT!

  3. wow is that twiggy? haha. yea I need this one.

  4. *yawn*

    another random middle eastern woman.

  5. yawn indeed. nevertheless, i pwnd it.


  6. To: Mike Panic,

    Correction. This is not “another Middle Eastern Woman”

    In fact, if you read the name of this piece, it is called “Mujer Fatal” which is spanish for “Deadly Woman”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the red star on her cap and the name of this piece would indicate that she is most likely a Mexican female belonging to the Mexican Indigenous Movement known as the “Zapatistas”

    I may be wrong.

  7. you’re dumb.
    the star on her hat is for obey propaganda, it’s the company’s logo (designed by shephard fairey). Its the face of andre the giant in a star.
    look up obey on google and all the images contain the logo along with the same style.

  8. and yes. the zapatistas used a similar logo. however, all of the obey artwork regards political stanpoints. so awkward you are right. and no this isn’t twiggy. dumbass.

  9. Where can I buy this, it perfect!

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