Stella Im Hultberg Prints Available

Art Star Gallery recently released three brand new prints by Stella Im Hultberg.  Coming off her group show with Kawasaki and Sol, Hultberg is sure to be a rising name in the art world.  The last round of Stella’s giclees Art Star released sold out pretty quickly, so jump on these if you like them.  To view them all, and to purchase, visit Art Star.

Shadows Lost

13″ x 19″, Edition of 50, Signed/Numbered, $60 :


17″ x 22″, Edition of 50, Signed/Numbered, $100:

Into The Wind

13″ x 19″, Edition of 50, Signed/Numbered, $75:

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  1. I’m getting rather tired of navigating the Internet to look at all the wonderful things that are SOLD OUT!!!

  2. Then become a daily reader. I’m just about to write about a new Stella print.

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