New Dave Kinsey Print: “Not A Gun”

Dave Kinsey just released a brand new print, and it’s a departure from his typical style. “Not A Gun” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 300. It’s $45, and you can pick it up at KinseyVisual.

6 Responses to “New Dave Kinsey Print: “Not A Gun””

  1. already got one

  2. Passed on this one, it does nothing for me.

  3. me too- i like kinsey’s style which is why I buy him. This seems like filler. The gun illustration is nice but its just that.

  4. I assume it goes without saying, though I’ll say it, that this is base off of Magritte’s This is not a pipe ( I got the print mostly because I’m Kinsey hooked; however, seems to me all he is doing is paying homage to Magritte using a “sellable” image – that of a gun. I like that Kinsey is trying something new though a little to close to the original artist’s concept for me.

  5. you’re right, it goes without saying…. but It seems to me that the point was to do something identical to Magritte’s concept albeit with a very relevant and timely update. The point you’re missing may be exactly the point he’s making, after all.

  6. Well it goes with the color scheme so what the hell. I love Rene’s stuff so this piece has every right to occupy the wall of the next place I sell 🙂

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