Jermaine Rogers Store Grand Opening

Jermaine Rogers shared some awesome news about the opening of his new webstore.  Check it out:

  “Yes, finally, the new webstore is ready to go,
and will debut on Friday, May 4th! No more email-based sales and
waiting hours for confirmation: our new system includes a real-time
shopping cart and allows you to pay via-Paypal like before. Very
smooth and quick. To celebrate the new store, I am going to open the
2006 archives just a tad. On Friday, you’ll be able to go to the web
store (just goto and follow the ‘BUY’ menu
link to the ‘ART’ area of the store), and once there, I will have
available VERY limited amounts of select prints from 2006! All of
these prints have long since officially ‘sold out’, but I’ve went
into the studio stash and pulled some of the good stuff. And what’s
better, these very limited amounts of select prints will be priced at
their ORIGINAL retail prices…from when they were first released!
Some of the 2006 prints we will make available? How about Sufjan
Stevens, BOTH Ween prints from ’06, TOOL, Arctic Monkeys, Deftones
and a few more. There will be a VERY limited amount of each print
available (depending on the particular print involved) and they will
be priced at their original release prices, regardless of what
they’re ‘worth’ today. And it’s first come, first served. When a
certain print has sold out, the automatic calculator in the new store
engine will register this and display that the item is SOLD OUT and
prevent any further ordering.  REMEMBER, the new web store goes live at 2PM MOUNTAIN TIME on Friday, May 4th.

Be there or be square.

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