Jamungo Blow Up Dolls Series 2

Vinyl Pulse posted some exciting information about Jamungo’s Blow Up Dolls today.  Apparently, these are on the ship from China, and should land any day now.  This means your favorite toy retailers (Rotofugi, Postersandtoys, etc) should have these relatively soon.  The series will include designs by Frank Kozik, Dalek, Meomi, Destroy Rock City, Gunsho, Little Friends, John Pound (Garbage Pail Kids art), MCA, Jermaine Rogers, Bobby Dixon (Kollective Fusion), VanBeater, Ferg and two mystery artistsHere is a preview of two designs.  Be sure to hit up VinylPulse.com to stay on top of toy news.

Aaron Horkey’s “Shaving Accident” 

Frank Kozik’s “NadeTrooper”

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