The Adidas “End to End” Project

Adidas pulled together 7 top graf artists for its new “End to End” Project. These shoes are smokin’, and are available at Eastbay. To check them out, or purchase, click on each shoe, or visit Eastbay. Rime: Scien: Skore: Can2 and Atom: Smart One: End to End Collaboration:

New Obey Print: Peace Tree

Finally a new Obey print that I really can get excited about. This is the new one, “Peace Tree”. It will come out this Tuesday, April 10th at noon PST. Visit ObeyGiant to purchase.

New Parskid Prints up for Preorder

Four new Parskid prints are up for preorder at Flatcolor. Each is an 18″ x 24″ giclee, signed and numbered in an edition of 100. They run $120 each, but I’m betting these are stunners in person. They will ship the second week in April. To purchase, visit FlatColor.

Monkey Assassins by Wunderland War

Whether you are just getting into toys, or a seasoned veteran, the Monkey Assassin by Wunderland War (Vinnie from Less Than Jake) is an inexpensive vinyl figure that can be loved by everyone. The Monkey Assassin Pop Box is a steal at $40, with 4 different colored figures each measuring 6″. This box is limited […]

Gunsho’s Demonology Series

About a year ago, Gunsho set out on the insane task to draw and print two new demon prints every week for the whole year, ending with 72 prints over the year. Each print is based on a demon of the Goetia. Obviously, this didn’t quite happen, but he has made it through 20 of […]

New Blaine Fontana Screenprint

A brand new print by Blaine Fontana will be released at the opening of Blaine’s show at Limited Addiction Gallery in Denver. All remaining copies will be sold after the show on their website. No price details yet, but with this many colors, this print is sure to be a stunner in person. More info […]

Bobby Dixon/Kollective Fusion Flexfit Hat

Bobby Dixon (one of my favorite poster artists, peep the interview) has released a flexfit hat donning the logo of Kollective Fusion, his design company. They are available in S/M and L/XL, and are only $25 shipped. They usually sell out pretty fast. To pick one up, visit the Gigposters Classifieds.

Prints and Posters by Elanor Grosch

Elanor Grosch has a bunch of really great screenprinted concert posters and art prints up on her site.� All of her stuff is inexpensive and easily frameable.� Though it isn’t listed, almost all of her prints are limited to 50.� To check out her HUGE selection of available prints, Click Here. The Fox and the […]

New Audrey Kawasaki Print Available

Audrey Kawasaki is really gaining alot of momentum, and just released a brand new print. “Yume No Ato” is a 13″ x 16″ giclee, and is signed/numbered in a small edition of 100. At only $80, it is the least expensive print she has done lately. Grab it if you like it, her stuff often […]

New Joe Ledbetter Print up at Kidrobot

Kidrobot, being the sneaky little people they are, snuck a new JLed print up on the site tonight, “Cluster”. They listed it with the quickness, so there isn’t even a description yet, but it has already sold double digit copies. $79.99, click here.

KidRobot: Release Reminders for Tomorrow

In case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow will see the release of some good stuff from Kidrobot. First up is the Tattoo Dunny series. This blind-boxed 3″ series was curated by the Toy Baroness, and features many of today’s hottest tattoo artists. Each Dunny comes with its own mini tattoo gun, among other accessories. Word is these […]

Another Jay Ryan Video

This is one of my alltime favorite poster-related videos, and I finally remembered where I oringinally saw it. Cruise over to Coudal Partners to watch this charming short video documenting Jay Ryan and Mat Daly printing posters. Soundtrack courtesy of Jay’s band, Dianogah. Click Here. To see more work by Jay Ryan, visit The Bird […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Evan B. Harris

Another Tuesday, another wonderful artist chosen to release a print at Tonight’s release will be by Evan B. Harris. Harris is mostly known for his painting work, so it will be very interesting to see what type of image he chooses for his TS print. Regardless, it will probably be stunning. Visit Tiny Showcase […]

Ten Questions With Bobby Dixon

Welcome to a new OMGPosters series, Ten Questions With…. In this series I will ask some of the scene’s best artists to answer ten simple questions. To help get this thing off the ground, I spoke with one of my favorite gigposter artists, Bobby Dixon. Age: Half way to death Location: Austin, Texas Years Doing […]

Release Reminder: Obey/Studio Number One “Tools of the Trade”

In case you have forgotten, today’s Obey release will be Jason Filipow’s “Tools of the Trade”. It is an edition of 350 (250 to the public), and should be the normal $35. This will drop at noon PST. Be there or be square. Hit ObeyGiant on time.