Limited Edition: The Art and Design of Gama-Go

Gama-Go, in collaboration with Last Gasp Publishing, is set to release a limited edition 400 page hardbound book.  The book is a comprehensive collection of artwork from Gama-Go, including tons of illustrations by Tim Biskup.  They have a put a pre-sale link up, and at only $25, this is a steal.  All pre-ordered copies will […]

Flatstock 12 Poster by Crosshair

Crosshair have posted thier best-in-show Flatstock 12 poster for sale in the Gigposters classifieds.  Everyone should pick one of these up just to marvel at photograph reproduction in a 3 color screenprint.  23″ x 17″, edition of 200, and only $15.  Click here to purchase.

The Next Amy Sol Print

Just a little tidbit, the next Amy Sol print will be the image from her painting titled “Dream of  Distant Cousin.”  According to Ms. Sol, the image is being proofed right now, and they should be ready to go in the near future.  More details to come, but you can always check out the rest […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Amy Ross

Tonight will feature a print by Amy Ross, a very interesting artist.  Amy often mixes two forms (goats + flowers, cows + trees, etc), and the combinations come out looking stunning.  The Tiny Showcase prints are always inexpensive, small, and adorable.  To check out the print, and to purchase, visit Tiny Showcase toinght at 7:30 […]

New Shellac Poster by Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan just released the image of his new Shellac poster, and it rules.  Jay and Shellac have always been a great combo, and this poster continues that trend.  Watch for it to be for sale after the show date (4/27) at The Bird Machine.

Aaron Horkey’s Isis Poster – Red Version

More exclusiveness, here is the red version of Horkey’s poster for the Isis show in MPLS.  Again, this stuff should all be going up for sale soon at Burlesque Design, and you will be informed.

Aaron Horkey’s Converge Poster – Final Images (Both Colors)

In a nice exclusive bit of news, here are the final images of both the black and whitewash version of Aaron Horkey’s Converge poster.  Amazing, amazing stuff.  These will likely go up for sale soon, more details will follow.  Check out Burlesque Design for more prints by Horkey and the rest of the crew. Whitewash […]

Prints from Jonathan Levine Gallery

Jonathan Levine Gallery has a number of impressive prints available, including some giclees by David Choe. Be sure to look through their entire store, as they have some really great stuff from Viner, Soto, etc. Visit Jonathan Levine Gallery. Hopper’s by David Choe 18″ x 32″ Giclee, Edition of 150, $350: Sofa King by David […]

New Painting by Amy Sol

Amy Sol just posted an AMAZING painting on her blog.  This piece is for the “I am 8 bit” show at Gallery 1988, and here is what she had to say about it: “i choose the odd Mario 2 originating from the 1st NES. i liked that Princess Peach (originally Princess Toadstool) could be chosen […]

Joe Ledbetter Glow Sluggonadon Up Now!!

If you hurry, you can snag the JLED Glow Sluggonadon.  It is up at right now.  It’s an edition of 100, and as of right now there are 13 left.  These will not last till morning.  Click Here.


If you’ve been wondering where artists have been getting skate decks made, look no further than  If you are an artist that would like to see your stuff on a deck, or an average Joe that has something perfect in mind for a plank, just visit the site to upload the design,  and you’ll […]

Scrawl Collective

There are about a million wonderful screenprints available at Scrawl Collective, a site out of the UK.  Most are farily inexpensive, and all are signed/numbered.  I will show just a few, so to check out the full selection, visit Scrawl Collective. Drift by David Walker 29cmx 42cm, Edition of 150, 40 pounds: Waterfall by Nick […]

New Pushead SkullPirate Colorways just released sneak peek pictures of two brand new SkullPirate colorways.  This is one of my favorite toys of all-time, as I love Pushead.  The first, the Desert Gold version, will be released in April sometime, with the Pusfan 10th Anniversary version to follow in May.  These will most likely be impossible to get, […]

Joe Ledbetter Glow Sluggonadon Monday

On Monday, will release an exclusive glow colorway of the JLED Suggonadon, limited to 100 pieces.  CP Paul has been very secretive about the release time, but promises that it will go up sometime during the day, and the price will be $80.  These are sure to go pretty fast, so keep an eye […]

New Daniel Danger Prints Up

Daniel Danger just released a new poster and art print. The poster is for The Pogues, which is one of Danger’s favorite bands, so he brought his A-game. Additionally, he released a 2nd edition of the “Please Don’t Worry” art print. This print was made for very sentimental reasons, so to detract from flipping, Daniel […]