10 Questions With Jeff Kleinsmith

In the second installment of 10 questions, I asked one of my favorite poster artists to participate. Say hello to Patent Pending/Sub Pop’s own Jeff Kleinsmith.

39 for another month.


Seattle, WA


The Shins by Jeff Kleinsmith


Years Doing Posters:


Favorite Poster You’ve Done:

Probably the Modest Mouse/Sukpatch from 1997



Favorite Poster that Someone Else Did:

Current: Most of what Seripop and Zeloot have done
Old: Saint Joan by Saul Bass



Music Currently In Rotation:
A new band from Portland called Pseudosix and old faves like UFO,
Sabbath, Iron Maiden


Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought:

I haven’t bought a poster or print for many years. The last was
probably from Nick Butcher. Last toy I bought was for one of my young


Favorite Website:
gigposters.com and metacritic.com


Upcoming Stuff:
Interpol poster and a book.


Words of Wisdom:
Look both ways before crossing the street, or STOP AT THE CURB! I say
those things almost everyday

To view and purchase more work by Jeff Kleinsmith, visit Patent Pending Industries.

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