Kidrobot Going Mainstream?

As reported by Plastic and Plush, this video has been floating around the net, and it’s sure damn pretty lookin for an internet-only promo. This thing smells like a TV spot to me. Don’t be surprised if you start to see your favorite toys on cable. See for yourself:

2 Responses to “Kidrobot Going Mainstream?”

  1. eh i think this is just a really clean looking internet promo. Theres not a lot to this video really- just animating very simple characters in a 3d environment with a simple background and spotlight.

    Its cute though. Makes me want a munny. I like munny better than dunny or qee.

    I think that if this was shown on tv it would be in Japan. This SCREAMS japanese “cute”.

  2. On second thought i think this is advertising the new line of CHIA MUNNYS

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