New Painting by Amy Sol

Amy Sol just posted an AMAZING painting on her blog.  This piece is for the “I am 8 bit” show at Gallery 1988, and here is what she had to say about it:

“i choose the odd Mario 2 originating from the 1st NES. i liked that Princess Peach (originally Princess Toadstool) could be chosen as a play. i was certainly influenced by video games particularly in the mid 80s-early 90s .
and began playing at around 6-7 yrs old, i think.. mario bros 1-3 i enjoyed particularly during those years:)
my piece is titled ” Peach, Yoshi & Subcon the land of dreams” & measures 17″ 23″
the title is general but since i strayed so far from the original design, i suppose it helps to describe
it’s origins. oh and the girl is supposed to be princess peach, though i couldnt bare to paint a crown on her head.
this piece took about 3 months to finish.
finally here it is”

Let’s hope we see a print of this, it is my favorite Sol piece ever.

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  1. Amy Sol’s work is fantastic. I hope personally she makes a print of “dream of a distant cousin” the one with the whales…. It is my favorite.

  2. when and where will this be sold?

  3. The exhibit opens April 17. If you really want it, I’d probably contact Gallery 1988 soon,

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