Aaron Horkey’s Converge Poster – Final Images (Both Colors)

In a nice exclusive bit of news, here are the final images of both the black and whitewash version of Aaron Horkey’s Converge poster.  Amazing, amazing stuff.  These will likely go up for sale soon, more details will follow.  Check out Burlesque Design for more prints by Horkey and the rest of the crew.

Whitewash Version:

Black Version:

4 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Converge Poster – Final Images (Both Colors)”

  1. This is going to win poster of the year

  2. I can’t believe how good the black version looks. Holy cow.

  3. whoa… that image on black paper pops!

  4. I dont really see much difference in the black version. a little more aqua in the blues…. and gold instead of silver. Seems as though the fur color is more intense orange too… it will be interesting to see both in person.

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