Prints and Posters by Elanor Grosch

Elanor Grosch has a bunch of really great screenprinted concert posters and art prints up on her site.� All of her stuff is inexpensive and easily frameable.� Though it isn’t listed, almost all of her prints are limited to 50.� To check out her HUGE selection of available prints, Click Here.

The Fox and the Grapes

12″ x 19″, 3 Color Screenprint, $30:


12.5″ x 19″, Two Color Screenprint, $30:

The Stag at the Pool

12″ x 19″, Two Color Screenprint, $30:

In addition to the many amazing screenprints, Keds also just released a line of womens shoes by Elanor.� They are in local spots, so if you have a special lady in your life that appreciates art, or at least you’d like her to, pick a pair up.� Available online also.

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  1. neat, i didn’t realize she did prints – i have those black shoes with the brown owls!

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