Ten Questions With Bobby Dixon

Welcome to a new OMGPosters series, Ten Questions With….   In this series I will ask some of the scene’s best artists to answer ten simple questions.  To help get this thing off the ground, I spoke with one of my favorite gigposter artists, Bobby Dixon.

Age: Half way to death

Location: Austin, Texas

Years Doing Posters: A little over a decade if you count b&w, xeroxed flyers/posters. I’ve been screen printing since ’91, but didn’t get into screen printing gigposters ’til recently.

Favorite Poster You’ve Done: Probably my first Del the Funky Homosapien poster for the Roseland Theater in Portland.

Favorite Poster that Someone Else Did:
gigposter-wise, Ferg’s Squarepusher. The poster itself is so clean and perfect, but what has transcended from it (and the history it will have behind it) totally slays. Art print-wise I’m lovin’ this London Police print that I own, but I only say it’s my favorite because it’s on top of my “stupid, mad, fresh, favorite posters that I need to get framed” pile.

Music Currently In Rotation: It’s totally random from day to day, but what’s in the ride right now is Slayer, NWA’s Greatest Hits, Mastodon, QOTSA, Black Sabbath, Eric B & Rakim, and a mix CD of various hip-hop I put together.

Last Print or Toy Bought: I just scored a 15th Anniversary Robotech Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1S, the “Skull Leader”. UrbanMedium’s Che Trooper, and of course a bunch of killer Jamungo stuff. I think I’ll stop now since I overloaded the geek quotient in that first sentence. Recently got Shepard Fairey’s “Supply and Demand” book as well as Banksy’s “Wall and Piece”. Also the Air Jordan III retro “flips”; best sneaker platform ever.

Favorite Website: www.gigposters.com hands down.

Upcoming Stuff: Steady getting this freelance business off the ground. More gigposters, apparel, art prints, and paintings for sure. Hopefully some more toys (at least colorways), as well as some customs and kit-bashes. Also more naps and more bacon.

Words of Wisdom: A motto/quote I came up with a few years back… “Dreams are for people who sleep. Goals are for those who choose to wake up.” Oh, and take naps and eat plenty of bacon. Those two things are essential.

To view all of Bobby’s poster work, visit his page on Gigposters.com

5 Responses to “Ten Questions With Bobby Dixon”

  1. Bobby Dixon owes me money.

  2. I bought that DEL poster and it is SUPERB in person! Unfortunately my cat didn’t feel the same way as I, and shredded the F*CK out of it. Sad times…

    On a happier note, the new DEL -11th Hour album should be dropping in a couple months! Everything is good to go except the album art!

  3. BDix’s BEASTIE BOYS poster is badass.

  4. bobby smells like chicken and waffels

  5. If anyone has an extra one of those squarepusher posters, I will pay handsomely for it…

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