Best Toy Collection Ever

A Kidrobot forum member from the Phillipines posted his legendary collection a few months ago. This is truly insane. Click Here.

Obey Chubb City Vinyl Figure

A Comic-Con or two ago, this Obey Chubb City vinyl figure was released, and there are still some of them hiding around. I know there are alot of Obey fans that read the blog, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Apparently there were 1000 made, and each is numbered. MyPlasticHeart has some […]

Art Prints by Methane Studios

Most people know that Methane Studios makes some killer concert posters, but did you know that they have a little hidden link at the top of their site for art prints? They have some spectacular screenprints available, all reasonably priced and in low editions. To purchase, visit Methane Studios. Springtime is for Lovers: 19″ x […]

Dreamhost, You Make Me Mad!

Dear Dreamhost, Poster people need their info!!!! Stop having issues, please. Sincerely,

Tara McPherson DRDC Print Up For Sale

The Decoder Ring has started selling the Tara McPherson fine art print. It is $260 shipped, 22″ x 30″, and an edition of 100. To purchase, click here. The print will total 17 colors, here is where it’s at so far (14 down).

Shepard Fairey on G4’s Icons

Somewhat recently, (OK, it was awhile ago), Shepard Fairey appeared on TV channel G4’s “Icons” show. These videos are really interesting, as they not only cover the usual bio stuff, but also get into the progression of the business and entrepreneurial side of things, spotlighting some of his corporate work. Check em out if you […]

Generica Show Collaborative Panels

Aye Jay was nice enough to post images from last summer’s Generica USA show in California.  Each panel is a collaboration between Aye Jay, Aaron Horkey, Tom Jackson, and Kevin Boettcher.  Each artist started a panel, and they circulated from there.  In addition to the paintings, there was also this awesome collaborative tshirt released at […]

Tara McPherson’s “Ace and Ion” Vinyl Figure Set by Kidrobot

On Thursday, March 29th, Kidrobot will release Tara Mcpherson’s “Ace and Ion”, a flocked vinyl two figure set.  These figures are straight out of Tara’s paintings, and have translated very well onto vinyl.  There are 1500 of these total, and they will be $39.99 for the set.  Usual Thursday release time at Kidrobot is 11am […]

Kaws Cat Teeth Bank Available

The last two colors of Kaws’ Cat Teeth Bank, definitely one of the weirdest pieces of vinyl as of late, are now up on his store.  Edition of 400 each, $58 each.  Visit Kawsone. Playing Cards – Deck 3

The other week at Flatstock, debuted their newest deck of cards.  Each card has a different design by a current poster artist, and these are always a great deal.  Not only are they much better looking than almost every deck of cards you’ve played with, but furthermore buying one also helps support one of […]

Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process

In the interest of having only one post about this, I am going to converge the entire process into this entry. I will update it as it continues, so keep checking back to this post. This is the print process for the Tara McPherson x Decoder Ring Design Concern series print. They are aiming for […]

Up Next for Obey: War by Numbers (aka Grenade Girl)

On Tuesday, March 27, Obey will release this outstanding print.  This is one of the best Obey prints in recent memory, and is defintely the most hyped.  Word is there will be another colorway produced, so if you don’t get one this Tuesday, don’t get too bent out of shape.  The print will go up […]

Prints by Slick

Slick, a graf artist from Los Angeles, has some excellent screenprints available in his online store. They are reasonably priced, and limited edition. To view the entire list of prints, visit the store. Star Man 17″ x 22″, Screenprint, Edition of 40-50 each, $60: Albert Simmons 12″ x 16″, Screenprint, Edition of 90, $40: TwinMonx […]

Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process (Pt. 3)

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Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process (Pt. 2)

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