Art Prints by Feric

Feric (aka Eric Feng) has a number of beautiful giclee prints available on his site.  None of them are editions of more than 100, and they are printed on really nice watercolor rag paper.  They do tend to be pricey, but unlike alot of prints out today, they actually look as expensive as they cost.  To buy, or to just learn more about Feric, visit


17″ x 30″, Edition of 80, $400:


13″ x 19″, Edition of 80,  $300:

Fevolution I:  Western Heaven

22″ x 11″,  Edition of 100, $100:

 Fevolution I:  Chrome Dragonfly

22″ x 11″, Edition of 100, $100:

There are many more beautiful prints up on the site.  To check them or, or purchase, visit FERICSTUDIO.

3 Responses to “Art Prints by Feric”

  1. WTF
    does this site even work?

  2. I bought two prints from this website but they never arrived. They did not respond to emails either.

  3. That’s not good. Feric needs to wake up and start taking care of customers.

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