Tara McPherson DRDC Print Process

In the interest of having only one post about this, I am going to converge the entire process into this entry. I will update it as it continues, so keep checking back to this post.

This is the print process for the Tara McPherson x Decoder Ring Design Concern series print. They are aiming for 17 colors total, with a $250 price tag. This is really screenprinting at its best. For more info, view the DRDC print series page.

Color 1:

Color 2:

Color 3:

Color 4:

Color 5:

Color 6 and 7:

Color 8:

Color 9:

Color 10:

Color 11:

Color 12:

Color 13:

Color 14:

Color 15:

Color 16:

Color 17 and Varnish 18 (Done Deal):

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