Emek Lasercut Skateboards and Wood Panels

More amazing, mind-blowing lasercut work has hit the net.  Emek is offering these impressive peacock boards up to the public.  They have the following signed/numbered editions:  15 natural maple, 15 black on black, and 15 candy red.  They are available through Emek, and are $300 each.

For the non-skateboard type, Emek is also offering some 11 x 27 lasered panels.  These are also signed/numbered, and are $500.

For more info, visit Emek’s site.  To purchase, shoot Emek an e-mail.  Please be patient with the response, he gets more e-mail than God.

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  1. These are fantastic! Email sent to Emek, but they’re probably gone.

  2. refillseven.com

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