Aaron Horkey’s Hope Con Prints: Detailed Pictures

Just got some pics over from SXSW/Flatstock of the new Hope Conspiracy print by Aaron Horkey, courtesy of EB’s infamous Artoholic. The detail on these looks great, they are sure to be a winner. Burlesque took very few with them, so I’m not totally sure where they will be for sale, but I have a suspicion some will be available through Deathwish Inc. I will keep you posted, of course.

Artoholic was also nice enough to send even more pictures of the new Converge poster that I previously featured. Check the shadowing, sickness.

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  1. The hopecon prints are ok, not my fav but i’ll still get one because i pretty much buy duplicates of every Horkey…. This converge one is the best work he’s ever done, imo.

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