Refill 7 Laser Skate Deck Show

Refill Magazine has put together an amazing list of artists for their show of custom lasered skate decks. The show will begin on Thursday, March 29 at MTV Gallery Space in Australia. From there, the show will continue to Japan, USA, and Europe. There are many awesome artists involved, but I am only going to feature one: Aaron Horkey. Sorry about there not being a better “complete” picture, it’s possible it was too much for their cameras. For more info visit the Refill 7 website. Enjoy.

To see more of the show, check out their Flickr set.

12 Responses to “Refill 7 Laser Skate Deck Show”

  1. WOW! I wonder if this thing (or an edition) will be for sale? Have you heard anything?

  2. I heard that there will be 50 produced of each deck. I would imagine that they will be very expensive.

  3. I just got word from Refill 7 that these are going to be $500. I’m building up the courage to get one.

  4. Damn……..

  5. Uh…holy shit.

  6. I agree. Welcome Al.

  7. i deciphered the type on this one.. it says ZYGOMATURUS which is an extinct animal relative to the hippo

  8. Insane.

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  12. Just wondering if these are available to purchase still? I have tried the website but it doesn’t seem to be working. If anyone can get me some info it would be greatly appreciated.

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