Burlesque Set to Debut Tons of Things at Flatstock

The crew at Burlesque Design will be releasing a load of new stuff at Flatstock in Austin this week.  Visit their booth to purchase, and watch their site after the fest.  Check out the list (all debuts, so no images available):

Hope Con sets of blue and brown version with matching numbers (we have 20 sets for subscribers, and then the rest are going with us to flatstock – we’re selling 13)
Hope Con brown version singles
Hope Con blue version cropped singles
Horkey Red Sparrowes poster
Horkey Converge ’07 poster
507 Black Osprey T-shirt
Moustache Bandanas
Dre Day ’07 stickers and shirts
Bratrud Dinosaur Jr. poster
Zebulon Pike II on red paper
Pelican Fall Tour (Thompson) on red, orange, and white paper
Skateboard Mag poster (Bratrud)
Tickled Pink #2

Plus reserves of Converge ’06, Andrew Bird ’06, Melvins Blue and Pink, Dianogah, and flat file copies of quite a few long-since sold out items we’ve decided to part with.

Obviously, their booth is one to visit.  Fore more info about Burlesque, visit their site.

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