Blaine Fontana Silkscreen Print at The Lab 101

Blaine Fontana is one of the coolest, nicest, and hardest working artists working today. If you are not familiar with his work, this silkscreen is an excellent introduction. These 3 color prints are only $40, and are an edition of 100. Visit The Lab 101 to buy, or check out Blaine’s site to see more of his stuff.

5 Responses to “Blaine Fontana Silkscreen Print at The Lab 101”

  1. This might have to go home with me.

  2. I think the website says $60, not $40.

  3. Sorry, please erase my comment.

    The Lab 101 link is $40, (signed limited edition of 100 3 – color 18×24″ silk screened prints exclusively for the lab 101 gallery)

    the one on Blaine’s website (Analog Hunted ” Ltd. EDITION OF 100. 17″ x 23″ – 4 color on archival heavy weight creme paper. $60 + S & H USA ORDERS ONLY) is different.

    is that a different print altogether? I see they are different sizes, but they look the same to me, maybe on different paper?

    any confirmation on this?

  4. Looks the same to me. I’ll shoot Blaine an email and ask.

  5. let us know.. I may get the $40 one! 😉

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