Jacob Bannon “Jane Doe” Art Print.

The album cover for “Jane Doe”, Converge’s most legendary album to date, has always been a fan favorite. It has now been turned into screenprint magic. Wezz from Burlesque design handled the sepping and printing, and it seems to have turned out amazing. The print is a giant 26 X 34, with six colors of […]

Joe Ledbetter Teeter Tip

The Teeter onsale today was a total frenzy, and they sold out almost everywhere SUPER fast. However, JoeLedbetter.com still has some at retail ($40), and these have signed boxes. Grab em before they all end up on Ebay.

Decemberists Poster by Justin Hampton

Another installment in the best tour series in recent memory, this one by Justin Hampton is set to drop real soon. This drops Febraury 20 at noon PST at JustinHampton.com. This is an edition of only 200, and will surely go fast.

More Obey Chuck D Info

So, it was confirmed, Chuck D was in studio today signing prints, and this print WILL be released this Tuesday. Do not sleep, these will go super fast, especially considering that it is signed by Chuck. More pics:

Obey Chuck D!

Word from the folks at ObeyGiant.com and TheGiant.org is that legend Chuck D was in studio signing prints last Tuesday.  Then this image surfaced.  No information has been leaked about release date, time, price, or edition size.  Keep your eyes on the prize, this one is surely going to be hard to get.

Emek Decemberists Poster

This is easily the most hyped up poster of the year so far. Not only is there a 28 page thread on Expressobeans, but Emek, Richard Goodall Gallery, and everyone else involved is being flooded with emails. Keep your eyes peeled to RichardGoodallGallery.com and Emek.net shortly after the show date, February 21.